Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Talk about a stressful month! My son has apprarently been having seizures for quite sometime now, but not grand mal (the very obvious physical ones) but petit mal seizures. So we have been doing a crap ton of testing for him, including an MRI of his brain which was necessary because his EEG was abnormal in a very unsuspected way. The types of seizures he's having generally come from the frontal lobe of the brain, but instead are originating from the left side of the occipital lobe (back left side.) this was cause for concern, so we did the MRI. He had to be sedated for it, so my boy underwent general anesthesia for the first time too.

The MRI came back mostly normal. There is some evidence of scarring, but not where the seizures are happening so the neurologist isn't too concerned with the results.

The day after I got his MRI results I received a call about the mammogram I had the day before. They found something. I've been getting mammograms since for the past 5 years (since I was 35) because I have a strong family history of the disease. This is the second time I've been called back in, the first was just to repeat the first mammogram because they needed an extra angle since my breasts are big. This time it was much scarier because they actually found a mass on the mammogram. I was out of town with my son when I got the call, and had to wait over a long weekend before I could get in.

I went in this morning for mp the ultrasound, and they had the mammogram films hanging up for reference. The mass is tiny! It's no wonder I didn't feel anything in my monthly checks. So I spent about 30 nauseating minutes having my tit ultrasounded, then the doctor comes in to take a look too. Turns out the little fucker is just a cyst and should resolve on its own. So I'm fine, and I just have to go back in a year for a routine screening. Whew!

Tomorrow we leave on our family vacation to Disneyland and Star Wars Celebration. I can sure use the mindless fun!

Hopefully I'll be back and more active soon! Miss everyone!

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  1. Oh no! I'm glad it turned out it was just a cyst, but so sorry to hear about your boy.

    Hope you enjoy your vacation!